Instructor: Scott Beamer (, Office Hours: Tu 1:30-2:30p & Th 10:30-11:30a @ E2-229

Teaching Assistant: Huijie "Doris" Pan (, Office Hours: M 10-11am @ BE-151

Teaching Assistant: Nursultan Kabylkas (, Office Hours: W 9-10am @ BE-151

Prerequisites: Undergraduate Computer Architecture Course e.g. CSE 120 (formerly CMPE 110)

This course will cover computer architecture concepts at the graduate level, providing students with an understanding of how processors work and how they are designed. In particular the course will cover:

  • Architecture Basics and In-order Processors - performance, technology trends, ISAs, pipelining, caches, virtual memory

  • Dynamic Scheduling and Speculation - out-of-order processors, branch prediction

  • Parallelism - multicore, multithreading, coherence, consistency, vector, VLIW

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